diamond and silk net worth

The two women have been making a lot of money in recent years with their controversies, publicity, and social media presence. The duo have also made money selling Trump Merchandise, and their recent live broadcast has been aired on Facebook and Twitter. Their controversial statements have also garnered some attention and have led to Donald Trump defending them. This is likely the primary reason why they have an impressive net worth of $5 million.

The couple has estimated their net worth at $3 million, but the actual amount of money is much higher. While their income largely comes from selling merchandise, they also charge people $150 to pose for a photograph with them. Since they are African-American, they are debunking the racist claims of many Trump supporters. In addition, they also charge people to do photo shoots with them and autograph their books. The two are also considered political activists.

Diamond and Silk started small and have since grown to be very successful. While their net worth is relatively low, their efforts have made them a force to be reckoned with. These women are also incredibly inspiring, and their stories are inspiring for anyone to follow. It is not unusual for a successful person to struggle in life and struggle to reach their goals. Fortunately, the two ladies remained grounded, and achieved great success through their social media profiles.

They are famous for their political opinions. Diamond and Silk were vocal supporters of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election and have become an integral part of the media scene. However, they have also become vocal supporters of Republican candidates. Their support of Donald Trump has also helped them to garner some fans. They even got their own show on Fox Nation in November 2018.

The couple has not revealed their net worth, although they have been criticized for using fake information on their Facebook profile. In addition, they have accused Facebook of censorship, which has led Rep. Steve King to summon them to testify before Congress. Despite this, Diamond and Silk have continued their Chit Chat Tour since 2018.

Diamond and Silk have become a household name thanks to their social media presence. They are known for their political activism and videos on Fox Nation. Their political opinions have garnered the attention of a lot of people, including President Donald Trump. However, they have been accused of being racist because they are African-American. They were accused of being unfit to represent their country on Facebook, which ultimately led to a massive media blitz.

Their popularity has also prompted them to take on issues with Facebook. In June 2018, they faced allegations that Facebook had censored their page. Although the claim is unfounded, they did appear before Congress and denied receiving any campaign money. These two women have been travelling the world ever since. And their net worth is a reflection of their activism. They have become a symbol for equality in the political arena. So, while they have gained some notoriety, their efforts to make Facebook more accessible have proven unsuccessful.

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