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David Furnish is a Canadian filmmaker. He was born in Toronto, Ontario and began his career as an editor. Since then, he’s written and directed his own movies. His work has been featured in numerous film festivals worldwide. He’s not yet revealed his net worth, but it’s believed to be in the six figures.

Furnish’s net worth is estimated to be around US$500 million. He and John have two sons, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John and Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John. The two are still together, and they started dating in 1993. In 2005, they became the first gay couple to marry in the UK. Their relationship has continued to evolve, and they now share a ten-year-old son named Samuel. David Furnish has earned his fortune through a variety of sources, but he chooses to live an unassuming life.

Furnish also has a varied portfolio of projects. He co-founded Rocket Pictures with Elton John. His first project was a documentary on the musician. The film included interviews with Elton John and concert footage from Rio de Janeiro. It won a Chris Award at the Columbus Film and Video Festival and was later released as a director’s cut. His latest film, “Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm,” focuses on a Ghanaian diplomat.

David Furnish’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. The 59-year-old Canadian is an artist whose income comes from his successes. His net worth is estimated to increase in the years ahead. As an artist, Furnish is also a successful producer and director.

David Furnish was born on October 25, 1962 in Toronto, Canada. He was the middle child of two siblings and attended the University of Western Ontario. He went on to attend the Richard Ivey School of Business. After graduation, he began working at the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather. He later transferred to Bristol-Myers in England.

Furnish’s net worth was estimated to be around $50 million as of mid-2017. He writes for various magazines and is involved in charitable activities. He has also produced a number of films and is expected to increase his fortune further as his career continues. He’s also a prolific writer and contributing editor for various publications.

David Furnish’s net worth is estimated by several reliable sources. His net worth fluctuates and is subject to a few factors. For example, he has a residence in Italy, which is worth 27 million dollars, but also has properties in England. His London home is one of the most expensive in the city. In addition, the actor owns a Ferrari car and a private jet.

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