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Darlene Ortiz is a successful American entrepreneur, fitness influencer, and author. She is also a model and former girlfriend of the rapper Ice-T. In fact, she is arguably Ice-T’s most famous girl. In addition to her work as a fitness influencer and model, she is also a co-host of a podcast. Her net worth is undoubtedly growing as she continues to establish herself as a fitness influencer and writer.

Ice-T met Ortiz in 1985, and their romance lasted 17 years. Eventually, they separated in 2001. However, they never revealed the exact reason for their split. During this time, Ortiz was already famous as the model featured on Ice-T’s cover album posters.

Darlene Ortiz was born in the United States and grew up in California. She has no siblings, but she did attend State University of California. She earned her graduation degree from there. After graduating, Ortiz sought a job. Her father was an alcoholic who often drank. She also grew up in a home with an alcohol-addicted mother. Ice T later used to date her and they lived in a luxury house. Her home and car are currently valued at about $500K US dollars and $300K US dollars, respectively.

Ice-T and Darlene Ortiz have a son named Tracy Marrow Jr. who is almost 29 years old. As a result, their net worth is higher than the average American woman’s. Darlene Ortiz’s popularity is also boosted by her involvement in the Hip Hop scene.

Darlene Ortiz’s net worth is estimated to be about $3 million. She earns roughly $60K a month as a radio personality and model. She also has a radio show with comedian Ice-T. Her biography was published in 2015. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Her bio is almost unknown, as she does not talk about her personal life. However, she is known as the first cover girl in rap music.

Ice-T and Darlene Ortiz married in high school, and they have a son, Tracy Marrow Jr., who is almost 29 years old. She has since separated from Ice-T. She is currently living in California. Besides her career, Ortiz is a fitness influencer and model.

Darlene Ortiz began her career as a high school teacher and eventually went on to study at a university. She later got a part-time job with a local Los Angeles television station. She also became a popular Sirius XM host and is consistently ranked as one of the radio station’s top hosts. Throughout her career, she has also continued to pursue a career as a fitness instructor.

The rise of Ortiz as Ice-T’s sidekick helped her establish her own personality in the US media industry. She now co-hosts a radio talk show with her partner Corey Holcomb. The singer also has a large social media following. Her followers on Twitter and Instagram total nearly 15 thousand, and she has over 40k followers on Instagram. In addition to her work on radio, Ortiz co-wrote a book about her relationship with Ice-T, entitled Definition of Down.

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