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Chris Herren is a successful basketball player, motivational speaker and founder of several companies. Although he had a difficult past, he has since overcome his drug addiction and has built a large net worth. The former professional basketball player is a father to a professional basketball player, as well as an accomplished author.

Although he once competed in the NBA, Chris Herren has faced a difficult road with substance abuse. He was arrested for heroin possession in 2007 and almost died from an overdose in 2008. In response to his addiction, Herren completed rehabilitation, founded wellness programs, and penned a book about his basketball career.

Chris Herren was born in Fall River, Massachusetts, on September 27, 1975. He played in the NBA and several international leagues. He was a teammate of NBA champion Paul Pierce on the Boston Celtics in the 2000-01 season. He has struggled with addiction, and his life was the subject of the 2011 ESPN documentary “Unguarded.”

Chris Herren is married and has three children. His career in basketball began in 1999 when he was drafted by the Denver Nuggets. Later, he signed with the Boston Celtics, where he played regularly. Later, he traveled to Poland, Germany and China. He also founded the Hoop Dreams charity foundation, which helps kids with addiction.

His drug addiction impacted his career. He struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, and he spent nearly four years in rehab. After his recovery, he was back on the court and earned more than $10 million. He also founded the Herren Project, a nonprofit that helps empower communities and schools. Through this initiative, he has helped guide families through the recovery process. In addition to his charity work, he launched the Herren Wellness restaurant in 2018. This restaurant focuses on educating guests on how to live a drug-free life.

His motivational speaking is another way Chris Herren has made a name for himself. A documentary based on his story premiered on July 16 on ESPN. It follows Herren on his speaking engagements on the East Coast. The documentary is called “The First Day” and will show how his talks evolved over the years.

Chris Herren has three children, Samantha, Drew and Chris Jr. They are both basketball players. Their youngest son, Chris, plays point guard for the San Diego Toreros Men’s Basketball Team. Despite the high net worth of the family, Chris has struggled with his drug addiction. He has also been accused of drug abuse and failed a drug test.

Chris Herren’s net worth is estimated at around $50 million. His net worth is mostly from his basketball career and his motivational seminars, which are his two biggest sources of income. He is married to Heather, who is his college sweetheart and involved in several business ventures. The two co-founded the Herren Wellness company.

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