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Chiranjeevi has an humungous net worth and earns over Rs 40 Crore per movie. He has multiple sources of income, including advertising, endorsements, and acting. He also owns a luxury house in Chennai worth Rs 2 Crore and a farmhouse in Bangalore that is worth Rs 13 Crores. Chiranjeevi recently purchased a massive bungalow in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills, which is estimated to be worth around Rs 30 Crores.

Chiranjeevi is married to Surekha and has three children. His first film was Punadhirallu, which won him widespread praise from Telugu audiences. He then went on to star in Mana Voori Pandavulu, a role that gained him recognition from the Telugu audience. He also appeared in I Love You, a romantic comedy, and K. Balachander’s Idi Katha Kaadu, an anti-hero film.

Chiranjeevi has a reputation as one of the most influential actors in India. He commands the audience’s attention through his dialogue delivery, and is praised by directors for his ability to capture the audience with his body language. In addition, he is able to convey the emotion in a scene simply by looking at the camera.

In addition to his movie career, Chiranjeevi has also been involved in politics, becoming the Minister of Tourism of India in 2012. His latest film Khaidi (2012 release) was an unexpected hit and catapulted him to stardom. The actor’s career continued to expand with more action films, such as Vijetha, which won him a second Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Telugu film. Chiranjeevi also received a first Nandi Award for Swayam Krushi in 1987.

Chiranjeevi began his acting career in 1979, making his debut in Punadhirallu. Throughout his career, he has appeared in more than 150 feature films. In 1982, he landed his first leading role in a film called Shubhalekha. Chiranjeevi’s Telugu film career has garnered him numerous awards, including the coveted National Film Award for Best Actor.

In 2008, Chiranjeevi stepped into politics, starting his own political party in Andhra Pradesh. His stated platform for the party was social justice. In addition to his political career, Chiranjeevi has also been involved in charitable activities. He has established the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, which includes the Chiranjeevi Blood and Eye Banks. The trust has collected more than 68,000 blood donations and over 1,414 eye donations.

During his film career, Chiranjeevi has starred in more than 150 feature films, including many South Indian movies. He was also the first actor from the South to be invited to the Academy Awards ceremony in 1978. In addition to his filmography, Chiranjeevi has also produced several TV shows and commercials.

The Telugu star has a huge influence in the film industry. His yearly salary is estimated to be around Rs 45 crores. His net worth is approximately $200 million. This makes him one of the richest taxpayers in India. His house in Hyderabad’s exclusive Jubilee Hills neighbourhood is estimated to be worth Rs 28 crores.

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