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If you’re a YouTube star, then you’ve surely heard of Chad Wild Clay. The YouTube sensation is a YouTube sensation who is known for his funny videos. Besides making funny videos about games, he has also collaborated with other YouTube stars. Chad has worked with the likes of FUNnel Vision, FGTeev, Carter Sharer, Stephen Sharer, and many others. In addition, he has worked with popular gaming sites, like Battle Universe, PopularMMOs, and Papa Jake.

Before starting his YouTube channel, Chad Wild Clay co-founded a software company with his brother, Chris. However, he left the company to focus on YouTube. Chris is also a co-founder of Surge Licensing, Inc., which is launching a game called Roblox in July 2021. In addition, he has a book deal with Scholastic in Canada and the United States. This deal is expected to provide a way for fans to engage with him in new ways. His estimated net worth is $5 million.

Chad Wild Clay was born on March 10, 1984. He has achieved great popularity online through his YouTube videos. His videos have amassed over 8 million subscribers. His youtube channel was launched in March 2006 and his oldest archived video is entitled, “Iphone Proposal in a Movie Theater.” He has also worked with various other people, including the members of crazies crew and team edge.

If you are interested in Chad Wild Clay’s net worth, you can learn more about his career on YouTube. This YouTuber has made his way in the entertainment industry thanks to his unique brand of humor. His channel has gained more than nine million subscribers and 2.2 billion YouTube views. Chad Wild Clay’s net worth is estimated by calculating the amount of advertising revenue generated by his videos.

As a YouTube star, Chad Wild Clay has a significant net worth. He is currently estimated to be worth about $5 million. This means that he has plenty of room to build more wealth. Chad Wild Clay’s net worth is estimated to reach $11 million by 2022.

Chad Wild Clay was born on March 10, 1984 and is an American YouTube sensation. He is of mixed ethnicity. He grew up in Minnesota before moving to Los Angeles in 2015. He went to Winona State University and Hennepin Technical College and studied audio engineering. He started a professional YouTube career in 2006 and has millions of subscribers.

As of July 2015, Chad Wild Clay earned an estimated net worth of $15 to $20 million USD thanks to his online career. He earns additional money from selling Spy Ninjas kits and fashion merchandise. He also makes money through paid promotions. Chad Wild Clay’s net worth is based on various factors, including his monthly subscribers and views.

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