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Carlton Pearson has an estimated net worth of $16 million. He has worked as an evangelist and is currently hosting a television show on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Carlton Pearson has been married to Gina Marie Gauthier since 1993 and has two children together. They divorced in 2015 for non-mentioned reasons.

Carlton Pearson is a writer, musician, and producer and his net worth is estimated to be about $16 million. He has two children with his wife, Gina Marie Gauthier, who is a life coach. The couple has split their relationship on October 3, 2019. Their children are still at home, and Carlton Pearson is currently pursuing his career.

Carlton Pearson has an extensive portfolio of projects. He has worked on a number of television shows, including The Mo’Nique Show, What Is New?, 20/20, and The Mo’Nique Show. His height and weight have not been revealed as of late, but he was born in 1953.

Carlton Pearson is an American religious leader, author, and former pastor at the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center in Tulsa. During his tenure at the church, he had a congregation of over 6,000 people. Although he has not revealed his parents’ names, he has disclosed his biography, which describes his struggle with cancer.

Carlton Pearson has a net worth of approximately $16 million as of 2021. He attended the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he majored in English Bible and Biblical Literature. During his time at the university, he also served on the board of Regents. His previous wife, Gina Marie Gauthier, is a life coach. The two separated in October of 2019 and divorced.

Carlton Pearson was once a beloved Pentecostal Christian personality. His charisma attracted thousands of people, and his sermons would fill venues. However, his doctrines were controversial and polarized faith communities. After his fall, he was branded a heretic. Now, however, he has a massive net worth.

Carlton Pearson is a multi-talented entertainer and author. His net worth is estimated to be over $5 million. His children are Julian D’metrius and Majeste Amour. He has published more than six books. However, he hasn’t revealed his actual height or weight.

In addition to his acting career, Carlton Pearson has a diverse net worth that is still growing. In addition to his movie credits, he is also involved in various organizations. His book, Come Sunday, is based on his life story as he lost his church after adopting a universalist theology. This biopic has been released on Netflix.

In addition to his church work, Carlton Pearson is an influential American Christian minister. His church, Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center Incorporated, later renamed the Higher Dimensions Family Church, once grew to a 6,000-member congregation. During the 1990s, Pearson’s congregations were among the largest in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, his popularity diminished after he was declared a heretic by the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops.

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