Bustacrime Net Worth

Bustacrime Net Worth

How much is Bustacrime worth? Forbes magazine compiles this ranking every year. The list consists of business and corporate leaders with an estimated net worth of at least $8 million. While this may not match up to the actual figure, it’s still a very accurate representation of the money these individuals have in the U.S. The report uses the most recent Fortune 500 data to determine the total worth of the people listed.

According to sources, Busta Rhymes’ net worth is over $20 million. This amount is derived from his rapping career and his business endeavors. Busta Rhymes’ popularity was helped by several collaborations with other rap artists. These collaborations not only boosted his net worth, but also helped him build an audience, sell records, and take advantage of other opportunities. Bustacrime’s net worth is estimated to reach $20 million by the year 2022.

While the term bustacrime is usually referred to as a slang term for “cringeworthy,” it actually has a more expansive meaning. Net worth, in this case, refers to the money one can make through busting stuff. That means that Bustacrime’s net worth is what a person can buy if they are in the position to do so. In this way, a person can make enough money to buy a new computer or buy a brand new pair of shoes.

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