bunnie xo net worth

Bunnie Xo is a very successful YouTube star and podcaster. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. She recently purchased her first house and has a fifteen-year plan to buy more properties. She is also an avid car lover and owns a custom red Mercedes Wagon.

Bunnie Xo has built a substantial net worth by working in the entertainment industry, including acting, podcasting, and producing shows for other artists. She has also been featured on Playboy TV and has been a part of several Jelly Roll music videos and live performances. As a model and podcast host, Bunnie Xo has earned millions from her various ventures.

Bunnie Xo is a multi-faceted celebrity who has devoted fans on her social media pages. She has a podcast, which showcases celebrity lives, and has also been involved in several music videos and live performances. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1.5 million and $3 million, but her earnings are expected to continue to rise with recent collaborations.

Bunnie Xo was born on January 21, 1995, in Nashville, Tennessee. She is now 27 years old and continues to grow exponentially. She has a dream of running her own radio show. Her show digs deep into the lives of her guests. She has also appeared in several music videos and is married to Jelly Roll.

Bunnie XO has been married to musician Jason DeFord, aka Jelly Roll. He has released several albums on various platforms. The couple met when he was struggling to make ends meet, and they went on to pursue their careers together. The couple married in 2020. The couple is currently living in Tennessee with their two kids.

Bunnie XO has a popular YouTube channel and an active social media presence. She uses this platform to interact with her audience and stay in the loop. She also does Instagram reels and has a large following. Bunnie XO has an enormous number of followers on multiple platforms, and her posts are seen by millions of people across the world.

The model also has a family. She and her husband have two children: Noah DeFord and Baille. Baille is the couple’s daughter. Noah is their son. They live in Nashville with their children. They have a home there, and are engaged. The couple is very close and happy with their life together.

In addition to her career, Bunnie Xo is a successful podcaster. She also owns a successful production company. She also has an Instagram account. She and Jelly Roll are married in 2020. They share a net worth of $100k. It’s not hard to guess the source of her success.

Bunnie Xo’s net worth is derived largely from her music. She developed her love for music early in life and began honing her craft in 1996. She has been a singer, songwriter, and actress. She has 18 million downloads on her songs.

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