Brittanya Razavi Net Worth

Brittanya Razavi Net Worth

Brittanya Razavi is an American social media personality and reality television star with a net worth of $300 thousand. She gained this fortune by showcasing her body in various social media sites. Razavi is the co-author of the book Millionaire Self Talk and has a clothing line, 187 Avenue, specializing in wallets. She is also involved in several other media outlets, and has not been content to sit back and enjoy her success.

Brittanya Razavi began her career as a model and quickly rose to fame after appearing on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. She has also appeared on numerous magazine covers and commercials, and has participated in several fashion shows. Brittanya has an active social media following, with over 10 million Instagram followers and 5.6 million Twitter followers. Her net worth is expected to rise as she continues to gain fame and fortune.

Razavi’s net worth is primarily derived from her book ‘Millionaire Self Talk’, which was released in 2011. She also owns two popular brands, as well as making money by advertising on TV shows. Razavi was born on June 2, 1985, in Oxnard, California. She was involved with Nico Vasquez when she was pregnant, and married her lucky husband Lucky Moe Razavi in 2009. Their two sons are named Isaiah and Moe, and both of them have tattoos.

Razavi is a social media influencer who shares her lifestyle and fashion selfies on Instagram. Her net worth is estimated at $500,000 by the year 2021. She makes money from advertisements and partnerships with sponsors. Razavi also has a large following on social media, with over 5.6 million followers on Instagram. She has worked with numerous fashion magazines and has become an online celebrity. In addition, Brittanya is a fitness trainer and has a book, “Becoming the Best You Can Be.”

Brittanya Razavi has two children. She gave birth to her first child at the age of fifteen. She has not attended college. Razavi’s rise to fame began in 2009 after competing on a reality TV show called Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. She later starred in the film Charm School with Ricki Lake. Razavi has a large fan following on Instagram and is active on YouTube.

Brittanya Razavi has two children with her husband Moe. They separated in 2006, and she went on to date Nico Vasquez. Brittanya was a model and reality television personality. Her net worth is estimated at approximately $8 million USD. However, there are no official sources for Brittanya’s salary. The net worth of this popular actress is unknown, but her popularity has grown significantly over the years.

Brittanya Razavi is a well-known social media personality with a huge Instagram following. As of early 2019, she has over 16.6 million Instagram followers. Instagram stars with a million followers earn $15,000 for each post. Razavi has also appeared on reality television shows, such as Rock of Love and I Love Money. Fortunately, her success has been all-encompassing. She and her husband have built a substantial net worth from their business.

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