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Briana Murillo was born on March 1, 1995. She is 27 years old and is from the United States. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and her animal is the Pig. She has an identical twin sister, Brittany, who is also a YouTube star. They started their joint YouTube channel in February 2016.

As a makeup artist and model, Briana Murillo is well-known for her makeup and fashion sense. Her popularity has led to numerous brand endorsements and an impressive engagement rate on social media. She has even launched her own line of athletic apparel called Murillodrip. As a makeup artist, Briana has amassed an impressive net worth.

Although Briana Murillo has not revealed much about her upbringing, she did go to a private school. As a teenager, she became fascinated with makeup and glamour. She started a YouTube channel and became a famous beauty vlogger. Together with her sister Brittany, she has a large following on Instagram. The duo has teamed up with many brands and celebrities to create tutorial videos for their subscribers.

The Murillo twins have a combined net worth of $1.5 million. Originally from Mexico, they now live in Los Angeles and have built an extremely successful fashion empire. They rose to fame in the YouTube vlogging industry and have their own clothing line, Twinning, which is sold in major retail chains in the United States.

Briana Murillo is a YouTube star who has over 548k subscribers. She has also made a significant contribution to the world of social media by obtaining brand endorsements. Her Instagram presence has helped her build her net worth over the past three years. Briana is 5 feet 5 inches tall and lives in the United States.

The model is also a good source of income. She has a successful modeling career and posts pictures on social media sites such as Instagram. She also regularly posts videos on her youtube page. She has also publicly stated that her parents took care of her when she was pregnant. She is considered as a fashion goddess and is one of the most popular celebs in her country.

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