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The net worth of Azie Faison is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Her earnings come from leading roles in the entertainment industry. However, the details of her personal life are still somewhat mysterious. This is why it is difficult to estimate her exact net worth. Let’s look at some of her achievements. Azie Faison was born on 10 November 1964. In addition to her acting career, she also writes and publishes books.

Born in New York City, Azie Faison’s early years were a tough one for him. His family lost their apartment to a fire when he was a child. His mother and siblings moved to the neighborhood of Sugar Hill, which is in Harlem. The young Azie did odd jobs in the neighborhood and worked for two years at a dry cleaner. A movie he saw in 1983 inspired him to join the drug trade.

According to reports, Azie Faison’s net worth will likely be $2 million by 2022. She earned her money from business ventures and music album sales. However, her most infamous crime was selling cocaine in Harlem. Even after her arrest, she sold a small quantity of cocaine for around $100. Despite the fact that she has a large net worth, Azie prefers a simple lifestyle. If you’re wondering how much Azie Faison’s net worth is, take a look at the information below.

Azie Faison was born in New York City and raised by a single mother. He grew up in a rough neighborhood in the city before moving to Harlem with his parents. He dropped out of high school in his early teens and worked odd jobs in the area, including working as a dry cleaner. In 1983, he entered the drug business, and he has been able to earn millions of dollars in the process.

Azi Faison has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a rap artist. He rose to prominence as a narcotics dealer in New York City during the War on Drugs. He served as a crime lord for five years before retirement. After Porter’s death, Faison turned his attention to rapping. He formed the group MobStyle in 1989 and released his first solo album in 1991.

After seeing the film Scarface, Faison dropped out of school and began working in a dry cleaner in the neighborhood. While working for the dry cleaner, he also met a Dominican drug supplier. Faison was introduced to cocaine by the Dominican supplier he met at a dry cleaner. By the time he was twenty, he had become a wholesale cocaine dealer in the Harlem district. His business expanded until 1990 and he became one of the biggest drug distributors in the United States.

After a stint in prison, Faison became a drug dealer. He partnered with Alpo Martinez and Rich Porter to build one of the largest cocaine distribution networks in New York State. Despite the high level of success, Faison has suffered a series of setbacks. In 1987, he was convicted of attempted murder. In this robbery, he was shot seven times. However, his efforts to prove his innocence won the case.

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