askale davis net worth

Askale Davis is an entrepreneur and community activist with an estimated net worth of $10 million. She has a diverse background that includes teaching in public charter schools in Indiana and Washington D.C., as well as producing several films. She is married to Dre Davis and has two children.

Davis joined Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Potomac in the sixth season. Before that, she was a businesswoman and community activist. She is the youngest cast member of the show, but her net worth is not low. As a former television personality, she has also had a successful career in the real estate business.

As an artist, Askale has won numerous awards and is a committed mother. She is also a member of the United Negro College Fund, which supports educational institutions and community organizations. In addition, Davis is a community engagement manager for Fanbase, a social media platform for creators.

Askale Davis has been a social media influencer and entrepreneur for several years. She also owns the fashion brand A Look by Askale. She is married to Dre Davis, who has two children from previous relationships. They are very close to each other and have a blended family.

Askale was born in Ethiopia and is currently a resident of Maryland with her husband Dre Davis. Her husband works as the director of talent for the startup Fanbase. Their relationship is close and they share similar ideals. Together, they have been active in the community and are committed to helping people affected by the recession.

The actress and entrepreneur Askale Davis’ net worth is not known. She was first featured on RHOP Season 6 as Ashley Darby’s mom. She gave birth to her daughter two months before the show began. She has four children, including an older son and a younger daughter. The entrepreneur has also owned a clothing line.

She was born in Ethiopia and moved to the United States when she was a child. She began her career as a model. Eventually, she became a billionaire by founding AD Ventures, a holding company for a variety of businesses. While she has not revealed her net worth, Davis is known for leading a luxurious lifestyle, owning private jets, luxurious homes, and expensive cars.

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