anthony trimino net worth

Anthony Trimino has a net worth of millions of dollars, and his wealth is primarily due to his professional career. He has worked as a network engineer for WorldCom, where he developed ATMs and fiber optics. He was also involved in the development of his own company. Today, he serves as CEO of TRAFFIK, an advertising and public relations agency that has won many awards. Anthony Trimino has volunteered for the United Rescue Mission for several years.

While campaigning for governor, Anthony Trimino has sought to take on special interests and government as usual politics. His campaign page states, “It’s time for a CEO to run the state.” He was born in Torrance, California, and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His success in business has led him to run for governor of California in 2021.

Anthony Trimino is a Republican and a former California governor candidate. He is currently the CEO of TRAFFIK, an advertising agency in Orange County. Trimino is also the founder of Vets for Trump. He has been involved in politics and the restaurant industry for over two decades.

In addition to politics, Anthony Trimino also has an impressive resume. His previous positions include CEO of TRAFFIK and network engineer at WorldCom. Additionally, he served as the sales director for priority business accounts at Pacbell. Additionally, he is a former NBA player.

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