anna sorokin net worth

There’s no way to know how much Anna Sorokin is worth without asking her. She has been in a number of media projects, but Netflix’s limited series Invented Anna has not revealed a clear figure. Anna Sorokin net worth is probably less than $60 million, which is an enormous difference when compared to what she claimed she had in offshore bank accounts as Anna Delvey. However, she’s still not entirely out of money after paying restitution to banks, ongoing legal fees, and a few other expenses.

Anna Sorokin was born in Russia and lived for many years in Germany, but after high school, she moved to London. She was fascinated by fashion magazines and blogs and began studying at university. Later, she moved to New York and worked for a fashion magazine and public relations firm. Her parents were both ill-informed about her career, and she gradually grew distant from them. Later, she began to engage in fraudulent activities, including using her mother’s maiden name.

Anna Sorokin’s story has gained a lot of attention since her arrest. The New York magazine wrote a profile on her, and Shonda Rhimes acquired the rights to the story to make a Netflix show. The actress is making a considerable amount from this project, which she spent on settling state fines and restitution. Currently, her net worth is estimated at $30 million.

Anna Sorokin’s net worth is estimated at $60 million US by 2022. Despite the numerous scandals that have surrounded her life, her net worth will remain relatively stable in the next few years. She’ll be releasing from prison early based on good behavior. She has already raked in more than $60 million from the Netflix show Inventing Anna. You can find out more about her alleged net worth by reading the following articles:

During her time in jail, Sorokin defrauded many banks and dozens of people. She claimed that she had EUR60 million in overseas bank accounts, but her story changed several times. Her father was a former oil executive, a diplomat, and a solar panel magnate. Sorokin tried to establish an art foundation, and she planned to lease the historic Church Missions House. However, she was convicted on several counts of third-degree petty theft.

Anna Delvey, a convicted fraudster and con artist, has a net worth of $60 million US as of 2022. While her net worth has been a subject of scandal, she has nevertheless achieved a reputation as one of the most influential fraudsters in history. In the meantime, she continues to be an inspiration to people aspiring to become a successful businesswoman. Sorokin’s net worth is estimated to rise even higher.

anna sorokin net worth

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