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Andy Buckley has a net worth of $5 million. He is a television actor. He was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1965. He is of American nationality and has been married to actress Nancy Banks for almost 20 years. He studied at Stanford University and completed a degree in political science. His interests include sketch comedy and improvisation. He has been a part of several TV shows and movies.

Prior to joining the television industry, Andy Buckley worked in the finance industry. He held a position as a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch. He later appeared in ‘The Office’ and starred as David Wallace. He has also starred in movies such as Baby Heat, The Other Guys, and The Bridge. His next film project is scheduled for 2020.

Andy Buckley’s net worth is estimated to be between USD $1 million and $5 million. His age is 56 years old, and he is married to Nancy Banks. His height is Update Soon. He has many fans and has been a part of a number of projects. As a result, his net worth is likely to increase as his career continues.

As an actor, Andy Buckley earns an estimated $5 million. His primary source of income is acting, but he also works as a stockbroker. During his early career, he took sketch comedy classes at the Groundling Theatre. In his acting career, he has starred alongside Melissa McCarthy and Dax Shepard.

Andy Buckley was born on 13 February 1965 in Salem, Massachusetts. He graduated from Pine Crest School in 1983 and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in 1987. During his college years, he studied improvisation and sketch comedy. He also studied under Dax Shepard and Melissa McCarthy, two of the best known actors of the last generation.

Andy Buckley is an American actor, screenwriter, and stockbroker. He is best known for his role as David Wallace in NBC’s ‘The Office’ comedy series. He also has social media accounts and a family. The net worth of Andy Buckley is unknown. However, we do know that he has a family and is very active in various fields.

After a successful career in music, Buckley also has made several films. He appeared in three episodes of “Horrible Bosses 2,” “Pac Blue,” and “The District.” Moreover, he worked in several movies, including “Big Shot” and “Blood Trail.”

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