Al Palagonia Net Worth

Al Palagonia Net Worth

If you are interested in knowing the net worth of Al Palagonia, you’ve come to the right place. The popular Filipino actor has an estimated net worth of $1,469,000 as of 2018. His career in the entertainment industry has earned him more than $457,600. Although it is difficult to determine his exact net worth, most sources estimate that he has several properties, which total more than $1 million in value. The vast majority of these properties are real estate, but he also has some other assets that are not publicly available.

Although he was once convicted of bribing rival employees, Al Palagonia has since found a new career as a charter jet broker. The former Wall Street pirate has since been cast in over a dozen movies, and his net worth has grown dramatically. However, many of his clients have come under scrutiny. Al Palagonia has been accused of bribing rival employees and holding onto an ex-Wall Street pirate as his secret CEO. Although his net worth is staggering, it’s not surprising that Al Palagonia has a long list of clients, including many famous people.

As of 2018, Al Palagonia has an estimated net worth of $1,469,000, generating about $457,600 a year. In addition to the amount he earns as an actor, he also has several children. These facts make him one of the few young actors who have an impressive net worth. There are few other actors in their twenties with a similar net worth as Al Palagonia.

Unfortunately, Palagonia was once accused of bilking six million from retirees. As a result, he was convicted of securities fraud, enterprise corruption, and security violations and paid a $400,000 fine. He was also banned from the securities industry for three years. His arrest led to an international media frenzy and his son Alexis was also arrested in the same case. Eventually, he settled out of court and joined his son in prison.

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